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Emergency Blast
Industry Applications
Emergency Blast has a wide variety of uses in today's world. No longer is it limted to just governments and municipalities. There are emerging industries and growing threats that expand Emergency Blast's (SM) functions.

Emergency Blast (SM) can be used to contact people using a variety of devices such as PDA's, email, instant message, text/SMS, mobile phones, and more.


With healthcare systems facing rising government regulation, that leavs little room for Information Technology infrastructure upgrades. Call systems can be expensive and the added infrastructure too costly. With management looking to stretch the dollar for new, expensive equipment, Emergency Blast (SM) will give you the ability to use state of the art technology without the huge bill.

Emergency Blast (SM) can be used in the healthcare industry. From calling employees for staffing to disasters and mass notification.

Some other uses include:

  • Personnel Contact - on call staffing; no longer need to hire expensive agencies to place your calls
  • Contact patients about annual appointments.
  • Can use different types of contact such as PDAs, SMS/text, instant messaging, mobile and landline phones, and email.
  • No need to have IT on call as department managers can use the service with little or no training.
  • Emergency team contact- decontamination teams, hazmat teams, use for emergency response teams.
  • Notify health threats to the community.
  • Inform other support agencies and keep them informed reulting from emergency planning.
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