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Emergency Blast
Industry Applications
Emergency Blast has a wide variety of uses in today's world. No longer is it limted to just governments and municipalities. There are emerging industries and growing threats that expand Emergency Blast's (SM) functions.

Emergency Blast (SM) can be used to contact people using a variety of devices such as PDA's, email, instant message, text/SMS, mobile phones, and more.


Emergency Blast (SM) is aptly designed for government use. One of the main struggles of government is communication at a moments notice. Early warning sirens are out of date and many people can be notified with a single point of administrative contact. Emergency management teams can be coordinated with a click of a button. Messages can be recorded prior to the emergency so that there is not a single minute lost. You will have contact with your residents like you never had before.

Emergency Blast (SM) will:

  • Contact residents for a weather warning, natural disaster, evacuation notice, and amber alerts.
  • Allow public works projects to notify affected areas of gas leaks, sewage problems, water contamination, construction, municipal projects, and power outages.
  • Allow authorities to conduct investigations and contact neighborhoods with questions on a number of important trends. This will allow residents to talk with police without having to be there in person.
  • Public health warnings on certain health conditions such as outbreaks or disease control.
  • Each blast can be conducted to a targeted area with GIS and ESRI interface platforms so that certain streets, zip codes, wards, or neighborhoods can get a specific message.
  • Coordinate first responders to areas more effectively for major crisies.
  • System can have administrative control with multiple users, thereby relieving the pressure of the emergency prepardness teams and other agencies.
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