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One call could save you thousands
InstantCallBlast.net exists to provide political campaign services and pre-recorded automated messages in the commercial, emergency notification, political, and any other industries that our products and services may compliment.
By providing fast response, informed expertise, and consistently high quality solutions, InstantCallBlast.net generates enough satisfied repeat customers to provide a stable customer base.
To provide the best possible service, lowest prices, and customer service that is unparalleled by any other company in the industry.

Privacy Policy Statement

Instant Call Blast is the owner of the information that is gathered from this site. We do not sell your information or give it out in any way. The only purpose of collecting your information is to provide updates of our services, share product information, or tell you about a new promotion. We do gather this information from a few points within Instantcallblast.net.

Account Creation
To be able to use our services, the customer has to create an account. Once the account process has begun, information such as name, address, email address, phone number are used as points of contact incase there are changes to the website or customer’s account.

Customer Privacy
We will in no way share your information, audio recordings, or lists with any third party unless the customer gave us written permission granting the release of that information. We believe that the word private means exactly that; privacy is held above all other things at Instant Call Blast.

We also believe that our customers should also respect our privacy when it comes to information that is designed for only the customer and no one else. These would include any new products, copywritten, trademarked material, or anything with the company logo.

We do not use any information gathered in the process of a monetary transaction. As a matter of fact, it our process has been designed with the specific intent to know as little about the customer’s financial information as possible. It limits the liability on fraudulent use as well as abstains Instant Call Blast from any litigation relating from the unauthorized use of customer resources.

Site Analytics
We track visitors coming and going on our site daily. Any information gathered will be used strictly for internal uses only. We also employ the latest in customer and site tracking software. This is to ensure that the people we are speaking with are correctly represented. Please be aware that your credentials will be scrutinized before allowing access to our site. This may include campaign location, address, IP address, phone number, email account, and name.

Secure Site
We take every precaution to make sure that your information stays within the boundaries of our website. Each and every person employed at Instant Call Blast must sign a form that states they will not collect, distribute, or use any customer information without your direct consent. Failure to do so will invoke the immediate removal of said person’s tenure from Instant Call Blast immediately.

Any Site Changes
If for any reason we change any piece of information regarding the Privacy Policy or the Terms of Service, the customers will be immediately apprised of such changes. Also, if anything changes on our site in particular that may affect service in any way, the customer will be notified immediately.

Termination of Services
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, all of your information will be removed from our databases immediately. We do reserve the right to send you any information regarding Instant Call Blast for up to 12 months from the date of our last contact. You can kindly choose to opt out of receiving such information with an email to contact@instantcallblast.net.

Website Links
Instant Call Blast is not in any way responsible for the private policy statements of any other website it is linked or affiliated with. We do not share our information with the other websites, but if they choose to use any information posted in our Testimonials page, that information is public and at your discretion. We cannot willfully prosecute any website that has gained your information once you have accepted to post it in the public domain or on Instant Call Blast.net.

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