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One call could save you thousands
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Whether you call it a robocall, call broadcast or a prerecorded message, Instant Call Blast allows you to call thousands in a matter of minutes. Click one of the following links to read about some amazing products that Instant Call Blast has to offer! There are so many different kinds of voice broadcasting services that you may want to try them all. Choose one to get an explanation of how they work.

Political Blast SM

Emergency Blast SM

School Blast SM

Union Blast SM

Patient Blast SM

Religious Blast SM

Sports Blast SM

Ticket Blast SM

Wake up Blast SM

Poll Blast SM

Blast Rewind (SM)

Text Blast (SM)

We can also customize any plan to suit your needs. If you would like to have an automated message for an additional 30 seconds please include an extra penny. For larger calling campaigns (100,000 to millions), please allow a 3-5 day set up time prior to your Call Blast date. This will ensure that your campaign will remain uninterrupted and that the necessary systems are in place to handle it.

Please be aware that if you set up an account with us, you will have access to make calls after business hours and on weekends. This is a bonus for anyone that has an emergency notification, a last minute political message, appointment reminder, change in venue for a concert, a rain delay or schedule change for tomorrow’s game, or to mobilize workers for a strike.

More ideas coming very soon!

Wake up Blast

Tired in the morning because your regular alarm just doesn’t wake you up? Hitting the snooze button more than a couple times? Looking for an automated solution for your hotel? Introducing Wake Up Blast (SM), our newest voice broadcast product. Wake Up Blast (SM) is designed for both individual users as well as for mass notification.

Wake Up Blast (SM) combines the functionality of an alert system with automated messaging technology. What you get is a combination of crystal clear sound and the ability to reach every person on your list almost instantly. The best part is that you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to spend hours on the phone dialing by hand!

Here are some recommended uses of Wake Up Blast (SM):

  • Wake yourself up
  • Snooze setting available
  • Travel Alarm
  • Hotel/Motel wake up service
  • Reminder Service
  • Event notification

Pricing plans for our call broadcast start as low as 2.5 cents per call and go from there. Wake Up Blast (SM)’s comprehensive plan will allow anyone to make three attempts to contact incase someone is not at home or don't have an answering machine. You can choose any three times during the day to reach the maximum amount of people.

We hope that you will contact us for a brochure outlining our different services available. Why wait? We could be saving you time and money right now. Best of all, there are no contracts involved. You can stop anytime without a penalty. We offer no hidden fees and everything is incorporated with the price.

If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to one of our representatives with our Live Chat feature or call us at 1-800-634-9614 and option 1 is the Sales Department. Someone will be able to assist you there as well.


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