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Emergency Blast
Industry Applications
Emergency Blast has a wide variety of uses in today's world. No longer is it limted to just governments and municipalities. There are emerging industries and growing threats that expand Emergency Blast's (SM) functions.

Emergency Blast (SM) can be used to contact people using a variety of devices such as PDA's, email, instant message, text/SMS, mobile phones, and more.


Emergency Blast (SM) can be used fora variety of applications in the work place. You can notify your workers of an impending meeting, tell them about companywide conference call, or to keep in contact with customers.

You can also use Emrgency Blast (SM) if a natural disaster strikes your building. You can contact each and every person on your staff of a power outage, natural disaster, computer systems, and phone repair.

How Emergency Blast (SM) works

Emergency Blast (SM) is the mosteffective way to send out mass messages to employees, residents, and co-workers. The web interface is very simple to use and it was designed to be implemented with ease. You won't need anything but a phone and an Internet connection.

With Emergency Blast (SM) you can:

  • Quickly launch and have your messge blasted out.
  • You can use email, instant messenger, PDA devices, text/SMS, or landline and mobile phones.
  • Message can be looped to be played twice and number can be called back if interrupted in middle of message.
  • Remote activation of call tasks via landline or mobile phones.
  • CAn have single or multiple points of administrative contact and personnel login access.
  • 24/7/365 support
  • No extra equipment needed!
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