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Emergency Blast
Industry Applications
Emergency Blast has a wide variety of uses in today's world. No longer is it limted to just governments and municipalities. There are emerging industries and growing threats that expand Emergency Blast's (SM) functions.

Emergency Blast (SM) can be used to contact people using a variety of devices such as PDA's, email, instant message, text/SMS, mobile phones, and more.

Higher Education

Emergency Blast (SM) can be used to notify students on a number of issues pertaining to health, safety, and wellbeing of the academic community. With campus safety being the number one priority for all colleges and universities, you need a product that can deliver a message to thousands in just minutes.

One call to Emergency Blast (SM) can give you access to send out messages on different media throughout campus. Most students use computers, PDAs, email, cell phones, so it is a great idea to incorporate Emergency Blast (SM) into your campus safety contingency plans. This helps campus security get the message out and residential life staff can assist in any crisis or disaster.

Emergency Blast (SM) can:

  • Notify campus security and residential life staff of an alert or crisis on campus in minutes.
  • Most importantly, you can notify students on many different types of media for assured delivery.
  • Once Emergency Blast (SM) is finished, a report on activity is available for download right from the account panel.
  • Campus evacuation messages.
  • Class cancelations and weather advisiories for off campus students
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